1. Create Content That is Share-Worthy:
If what you create isn’t something you are confident your fans will want to share to their own wall or feeds, you need to rethink your content strategy. If your content isn’t being shared or talked about, your content isn’t social.
2. Create a Brand Promise and Stick To It:
People should know what to expect from you by connecting from you right away. Whether the value you offer is a peek into your life, tips related to your industry or expertise, or something else, decide what that is before you start and commit to that brand promise. Be consistent.
3. Be Able to Tell Your Story In Two Sentences:
Because you will have to. The longer it takes you to explain your value proposition, the less effective that pitch becomes. Social Media has a short attention span by nature. Know how to explain your brand in 140 characters or less. Be concise.
4. Be Inviting:
Treat connections the same way you would treat a friend you’re talking to in person. Treat every conversation as if it were face to face. Be inviting to conversation. Without conversation, social media becomes merely media. Stop using social media as a megaphone and start using it to create value to your fans.
5. Break the Divide:
The online world is not a separate world than the offline one, it’s merely an extension of it. Find ways to leverage your online presence to drive offline objectives. Use social media as a tool to drive the business objectives that matter and make new connections.
6. Always Be Tracking Performance:
If you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing. Smart social marketers have a firm grasp on the preferences of their communities because they are consistently tracking. Social Media is an amazing avenue for instant feedback from the people who matter most. Tools like Crowdbooster and Google Analytics are two inexpensive and easy ways to monitor the performance of your social campaigns.
7. Prioritize Your Aesthetic:
With the increasing shift in importance from written to visual content, look and design matters more than ever.
There are tons of free tools like canva that can an help you make your graphics look better. If you’re not a designer or don’t have the time, hire one. Images found online are the new face of your brand.
8. Know Your Limits:
If writing, design, technology and the internet are not your thing, hire a consultant. While you will still have to be involved and active with that person to maintain an authentic presence, a consultant can help to free up your schedule and bridge the gap that may exist between you and the quickly changing online world. The right professional is worth much more than the cost of a mediocre social presence. Don’t be afraid to invest in your brand. With social media, the potential for return on your investment is limitless.
Brian W. Selden
Brand Architect, Social Media Strategist, and Innovative Marketing Leader, Brian Selden is the voice and driving force for brands across the map.